I have always wanted to a start a series on Android, noting that I have now spent over 3yrs working on Android, mainly at the application level (what you touch and play with on the device) and at times at the middleware level (drivers and codecs, that runs without your knowledge in the background). So, […]

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Android MVC – Forward and Backward Navigation

This weekend’s changes to the Android MVC project include the following: Reorganization of the Command classes. AbstractBaseCommand has been created for simple get/set. All methods except “execute” have been implemented. This class now forms the base for IdentityCommand as well as AbstractCommand. Controller now has full support for forward as well as backward navigation. Controller […]

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Model View Controller (MVC) for Android

Finally, I have been able to find time to push the intial code for “Model View Controller” implementation on Android. Quite a few people told me that MVC is inbuilt in Android, with the View being represented by the Activity but I failed to visualize or tangelize the Controller. Well, the Model can always be […]

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